Christie James

Since 2008, Christie has designed and facilitated professional development training in public speaking, communications, creativity and leadership skills for clients such as AgFirst Bank, BCBS of South Carolina, BrightStart SC, CVSC, and several state agencies. She teaches primarily through Midland’s Tech’s Corporate and Continuing Education program.

Her early work in advertising account management and communications strategy, small and mid-market radio and television broadcasting, and as a professional actor enable her to bring broad and unique perspective to the classroom.

In her work as a trainer and public speaker, Christie has helped:

  • physics majors learn to effectively defend and sell their ideas to industry leaders and lawmakers.
  • onboarding employees gain a foothold in using verbal communications to develop relationships and solve problems.
  • supervisors use techniques to boost morale, motivate employees, and turn re-direct conversations into trust and relationship builders.
  • public speakers become more confident, relaxed and effective selling ideas and motivating action.
  • customer service workers de-escalate frustration, gain trust and confidence, and manage the stress of their role.
  • workers who are entering a new field or returning to the workforce after a break embrace new thought on teamwork, change management, and conflict resolution.
  • business professionals embrace the role of creative thinking in success and effectiveness.
  • retirees embrace creativity in their senior years.

Learners say Christie helps them become more comfortable, natural and dynamic in their self-expression, more focused and effective as listeners, and more creatively effective in their careers.

“Comfortably speaking out, whether with a whisper or a yell, is fundamental for fulfilling the purpose of our lives.”

“Public speaking is just another way of having a conversation.”

“Active listening is your communications multi-tool. It’s key to growing knowledge, solving problems, establishing trust and building relationships.”