Communications Basics

Relating, influencing, sharing, resolving, motivating … it all starts with communication.  And yet, while we learn language as children, very few of us are introduced to the mechanics, tools and techniques that make communications really work for us. Learn those basics and we more easily and effectively collaborate, solve problems, achieve goals and build community. 

Learning communications basics doesn’t just prepare you for a higher quality professional experience, it prepares you for a higher quality life.

Communications Basics Training enables you to:

  • Master the processes and tools we use to convey information, ideas, feelings from one person to another. 
  • Manage and interpret non-verbal communication (body language & tone).
  • Develop an invaluable communications multi-tool: active listening.
  • Bridge gaps in understanding.
  • Learn to identify and resolve communications problems, to ‘fix’ it when it ‘breaks’
  • Shape messaging to spark motivation.

Some theory, but great use of examples to ground and add practical insight. Class discussions were very helpful. 

Heather, HR administrator.

Very knowledgeable. Interesting class. Time went quickly because of class flow. Inspiring.

Pat, sales consultant.

Will be able to use what I learned in real-world situations. 

Joachim, non-profit manager

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