Contract Training for Organizations & Events

Today’s worklife is undergoing immense change and evolution. We are quickly adopting new ways of onboarding, meeting, growing teams, collaborating, serving, delivering, and problem solving.

We are working-at-home, at the office, or some hybrid, often unpredictable version of the two. We are learning how to do all of this online on any of a number of web meeting and collaboration platforms with equipment that may or may not perform as needed.

We are managing a fast-moving employee base and stretching training departments to the limit. And that’s before we talk about the changes in how we conduct annual meetings and seminars!

Does your organization have the insight and skills it needs to navigate and succeed? Are relationships straining under the weight? Can your training team handle the new demands?

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Now is a great time for personal development training ….

Personal development training increases emotional intelligence and resilience, enables workers to understand and manage new demands and stress, and reminds us of foundational skills and strategies we may have forgotten in the flux.

Personal development training can also increase employee loyalty, motivation and commitment to your organization. CEJ Studio enables you to grow skills and offer benefits with less demand on your staff and resources.

Support your team with out-of-the-box and customized solutions

I offer out-of-the box, ready to go solutions as well as customized training that fits your specific needs. I can turn around quickly to support immediate needs and develop longterm solutions that address complexity. And, all of it can be designed for live, virtual, and hybrid training.

If you are looking for training that provides insights into the new, exploration of the classic, and a chance for your organization to sort through and make sense of these changing times in the workplace, I can help!

Multiple class programs, workshops, breakout sessions, or speeches:

  • Creativity/Innovation Thinking: What Is It?, Why It Matters, Where It Comes From, The Creative Process, The Role of Perception, Feeling & Intuition, Jumpstarting, The Impact of Security, Support & Community, Myths & Misunderstandings, Getting Unblocked, Managing for Creative Breakthroughs, Critical Thinking, Games & Improv.
  • Communications Basics: Process & Tools, Verbal & NonVerbal Communication, Active Listening, Querying, Goal-Directed Messaging, Direct Feedback/Redirect Conversations, Assertive Communications (growing from Passive Aggressive to…), Creating Mutual Understanding, Communicating & Agreement, Honesty & Kindness, Responding To/De-Escalating Anger, How Our Survival And Relaxation Responses Impact.
  • Public Speaking: Messaging Goals & Strategy for Engagement, Technique for Live Presenting, Technique for Virtual Presenting, Managing Nerves/Energy, Conceiving and Creating Engaging Content/Experiences.
  • Maximizing Meetings (virtual and live): Goals & Strategies, Meeting/Event Design, Agendas & Invitations, Ice-Breaking, Engagement, Developing Community & Collaborating in the Virtual, Influencing & Motivating, Following Up.
  • Leadership: Team Building in the Virtual, Managing Change, Productive Feedback and Redirects, Resolving Conflict, Managing for Creative Breakthroughs, Communications / Active Listening for Leaders, Critical Thinking, Goals & Strategy,
  • Customer Service: Why Customer Service, The Face Of An Organization, Connecting with Customers, Active Listening, Managing Expectations, Getting to Yes, Responding To/DeEscalating Anger.
  • Breathwork: Breathing Techniques to – Short Circuit the Survival Response, Generate Relaxation and Calm, Generate Emotional Control, Generate Energy, Facilitate Perception.

Coaching – Consulting – Classes – Workshops – Speeches – Breakouts

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