We are master creators. Without thinking about it, we create our lives with the choices we make every minute of every day. Most of us aren’t aware that we’re doing it. That lack of awareness impacts our output and outcomes in significant ways. Time to meet an exciting and unique side of yourself – your creative capacity.

Explore your perceptions about creativity, creative people, and break through a few myths to discover freeing truths about human potential. Learn strategies and games that help kick start, channel and focus your creativity. Learn to identify blocks and create strategies to overcome them. Assess your areas of creative interest and aptitude.

Explore how to influence, support, protect and grow a team’s creative capacity.


Morgan, graphic artist

Covered life-enhancing principles. I enjoyed the mix of psychology and philosophy.

Regina, insurance company executive

The Improv games were fun! Interesting way to loosen the class up.

Paul, accountant

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