Presentation Skills

Once upon a time I was terrified to speak in front of groups. I dropped out of three professional acting classes because I couldn’t speak up during improv. I froze in front of a radio mic – and several thousand listeners – because I was afraid. I learned a way out of it. You can, too.

Empty red speakers chair on stage in spotlight.

The secret? It starts with intention and message. Audiences know intuitively when you believe in and care about your message. If you don’t, they probably won’t.

Once you’ve developed a message that inspires you, it becomes easier to manage nerves, engage more naturally, and find fresh, creative ways to impact and motivate audiences.


Lack of confidence in our message boosts presentation nerves. We worry … what are we going to say? Is our message engaging? Relevant? Do we know it well enough? Are we the right person to give it? We worry that we’ll forget, say it wrong, or

That worry keeps us from being present. It keeps us from engaging and connecting with our audience. Take care with our message and it will take care of us.

With training in Message Development, build:

  • Core messages that are a cornerstone you can count on.
  • Goal-based messages that center on your audience’s point-of-view, needs, and interests.
  • More creative, memorable and motivating audience experiences.

Christie helped me see that the most important question is, “What’s the message?” We worked together to shape the message and then crafted the presentation. To this day, I ask myself, “What’s the message?” whenever I start preparing a presentation.

Amy Scully, consulting client, Vice Provost of Corporate & Continuing Education, Midlands Tech

Virtual Presentation Technique

Covid-19 has changed public speaking, training, meetings, and relationship-building. We interview and onboard employees, develop and run teams, make sales and diagnose issues online. Are your virtual communications up to the task?

Do your lighting, background, camera and sound present you at your best? Do you make eye contact and use engaging body language on camera? Do you know how to team-build online? Is your content keeping attention in the virtual?

With training in Virtual Presentations Skills:

  • Use lighting, camera angle, and sound to create positive impressions of your message, authenticity, mood, even your age.
  • Create backgrounds that don’t distract, but compliment you and your message.
  • Increase vocal clarity and projection, and natural body language.
  • Use activities and games to break down barriers and build community.
  • Use media and virtual experiences help audiences understand, integrate and remember your message.
  • Practice.
  • Access affordable personal coaching.

Was able to properly redirect information to fit the class. Understood how we will use the material in our positions.

Paul, state agency management

Great course to boost presenter’s confidence. Learn ways to relax and trust your training technique.

Tameka, corporate trainer

Live Presentation Technique

Live presentations and meetings are still a thing! For many, these skills have become rusty. Some haven’t gotten to flex their live presentation muscles at all.

Are you comfortable and natural speaking in front of a live audience? Are you engaging your audience with eye contact, natural body language and movement? Did you know that tone and body language can boost your audience’s attention and trust in you, or undermine it?

With Live Presentation Training:

  • Grow your desire to connect with your audience and overcome blocks.
  • Redirect nervous energy to engage.
  • Increase vocal clarity, diction, and projection; use natural, authentic body language.
  • Use media and experiences help audiences understand, integrate and remember your message.
  • Increase your comfort level and creativity in front of an audience with acting games, such as improv.
  • Practice.
  • Access affordable personal coaching.

Will be able to use what I learned in real-world situations.

Joachim, non-profit manager

Christie was positive in soooo many ways! I liked that she’s patient and gives positive feedback.

Samantha, customer service representative

Good use of acting background. Did a great job of loosening everyone up and getting us to participate.

Robert, banking executive

So bright. Lightens the mood.

Michaela, digital communications specialist

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