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with training or coaching in presenting both online and live, content development, or brush up on your basic communications skills.

Available for virtual classroom training, consulting, coaching, workshops, and events.


Presenting Online

Virtual meetings, presentations and training are now the norm. Are you up to speed? This training helps you optimize your setting, technology, presenting style and content for online meetings, presentations and training.

Christie was positive in sooo many ways. I liked that she’s patient and gives positive feedback.

Samantha, customer service

Great course to boost presenter’s confidence. Learn ways to relax and trust your training technique.

Tameka, corporate trainer

Was able to properly redirect information to fit the class. Understood how we will use the material in our positions.

Paul, IT

Basic Communication

Knowing the foundations of communications can help you be a better presenter. Explore the process and tools we use to connect. Understand the impact of non-verbals. Learn to identify and fix communication issues.

Useful. The course was helpful for work and for everyday communications.

John, manager

Some theory, but great use of examples to ground and add practical insight. Class discussions were very helpful.

Heather, sales

Content Development

Challenged by illuminating a message on slides? Want to make live presentation content more engaging for online attendees? Want to make your own video for a meeting or training, but don’t know how? Or, want to grow your spoken-word presentation into a 3-D experience live or online? This section is for you.

Live Presenting

On hold due to Covid-19

Overcome that fear once and for all! Content training means messaging that engages audience and speaker. Technique and energy training identify personal strengths and reveal effective techniques for all forums.

Good use of acting background. Did a great job of loosening everyone up and getting us to participate.

Robert, bank executive

Very knowledgeable. Interesting class. Time went quickly because of class flow. Inspiring.

Pat, sales

Creative Thinking

Presentations, training, relationship development, meeting agendas … where do the ideas come from? Creativity Training takes a closer look at what gives rise to our inspiration and how we can generate more.

Life Skills

We create every moment of every day. This is how we create our lives. The quality of our creation is impacted by the state of our minds and hearts. Does this impact our communications? You bet. 

Case Studies

Case Study: Core Message

Like so many, She had a presentation to get ready. He doctoral degree depended on getting it right. He dove in and ended up with a big wordy mess.

Shep reached out and we worked together to determine first the essential purpose of his presentation – the core message he wanted to communicate. Once the ‘bones’ of the presentation were established, we could build out the body. Outline, slides, imagery, questions, quotes … they all came together more easily with a concrete, concise core message.

The experience also helped Shep buy into and become excited about his presentation. This gave him confidence and dynamism in his delivery. Win!

Shep has his doctorate and has made quite a few successful presentations since.


Comments from class evaluations:

AgFirst Bank
and more!

Christie was absolutely fabulous! I felt comfortable and ready to go and teach. I felt good about it before, but she made me feel like I can fly!

Very informative. Tools I can use every day.

Remote presentations are new to me. I’m used to live ones and being able to walk around, engage and have eye contact. This was so helpful for a transition!

Very informed. She provided great examples to help us understand.

Always a pleasure. Always leave with something new. She’s very engaging and makes the class interactive.

Great course to boost presenters’ confidence – ways to relax and trust your technique.

Really enjoyed the course! Would love to take it again when it is offered.

She was great. Positive, energetic, well organized.

Helps me improve myself overall, not just for work, but for life.

Let’s build something great together.